Seller’s Guide

To Sell or Not to Sell

There are many reasons why you may consider selling your business: money, retirement, desire to start a new business, partner dispute, divorce, etc. But whether you are ready to sell your business now or just beginning to think about it, we at Link Business are here for your consultation. We will be happy to discuss any questions that arise as your selling process evolves. We are well trained professionals who are aware of your concerns. At the point you do decide to sell, Link Business can make selling your business a successful, rewarding experience from your first meeting with us to the day you turn over the keys to the new owner.

What We Will Do for You As Link Business™ professionals, we will manage the sale of your company from listing to closing. Such considerations as:

  • Pricing recommendations
  • Finding Qualified Buyers
  • Preparation of marketing materials
  • Organization of due diligence materials
  • Negotiation

These considerations are handled in an expeditious yet confidential manner. Once a suitable buyer is located and negotiations are completed, we will guide both you and the buyer through the due diligence process into escrow and on to the closing table. We understand that our job is to sell your business for the best price and terms possible!

More and more buyers recognize our Sunbelt name because of the tremendous amount of advertising our offices are producing for the internet, print, radio and television.

We use this technology to locate qualified business buyers around the globe for our highly valued Sellers.

Our comprehensive list of qualified buyers numbers over 3,000; many are from overseas and are searching for a way to employ their significant resources to establish themselves in Southern California.

The Link Business Network places your business in front of a multitude of business brokers the world over. The Link Business Network, by its very nature, helps to ensure the quickest possible sale of your business.

DISCLAIMER: The information herein was furnished by the Seller. Link Business has not verified this information and makes no representation for warranty as to its accuracy, completeness, or authenticity. Future Discretionary Earnings may differ from past Discretionary Earnings.

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