The following 15 questions were taken from an article penned by Russell L. Brown about what a potential Business Seller should ask a Business Broker before listing a company with him. I found the questions comprehensive and compelling. Therefore, I have volunteered the following answers to help you to determine the advantages of placing your company listing with my firm and myself and I highly recommend asking any other potential listing broker these same questions.

How many businesses have you successfully brokered?

What types of businesses have you successfully represented?

What is the range of business values that you've successfully brokered?

What advertising methods do you use for finding a buyer for my business?

What valuation method do you use in helping me to establish a selling price for my business?

What steps do you take to ensure the confidentiality of my business being for sale?

How will you safeguard my financial information from inappropriate use?

What is your education & training background?

What references from satisfied buyers and sellers can you provide me with?

What steps do you take to ensure that you introduce my business to qualified buyers only?

Are you a licensed real estate agent?

What are your fees for representing my business for sale?

What type of listing agreement do you want to enter into, and how long will it take to sell my business?

Do you think I'll need to finance the business sale?

What information do you need from me about my business?

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