Preparing to Sell

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

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Here’s a list of what we will need from you. Prepare this package with care, so that we can sell your business with care.

As your Professional Broker, I have the experience and training to aid you in determining the market value of your company in order to set a selling price. To determine an opinion of value, I will need the following documents. From these documents and from questions that I will ask, we will be able to arrive at an opinion of the market value of your company.


  •  3 Years of Year-End Profit & Statements
  • 3 Years of Year-End Balance Sheets
  • Interim (Year-to-date) Profit & Loss Statement (and Balance Sheet if available)
  • 3 Years of Tax Returns
  • List of all Assets with estimated current market value
  • Value of Inventory (inventory for resale)
  • Recast of Owner’s Discretionary Cash Flow (total financial return to owner from ALL sources)
  • Copy of Building Lease
  • Market Value of Real Estate if included in offering

Take a look through our Sellers’ Information pages, then take a look at our Database of currently open Listings. Other things that might help you to gain a further perspective:

I have been selling businesses in the Great Los Angeles & Orange County areas for 16 years! Let me help you to do the same.

Call me personally.

Roger Civalleri


DISCLAIMER: The information herein was furnished by the Seller. Link Business has not verified this information and makes no representation for warranty as to its accuracy, completeness, or authenticity. Future Discretionary Earnings may differ from past Discretionary Earnings.

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