Sellers' Checklist

As a Professional Broker, I have the experience and training to aid you in determining the market value of your company in order to set a selling price. To determine an opinion of value, I will need the following documents. From these documents and from questions that I will ask, we will be able to arrive at an opinion of the market value of your company.

Document Checklist

___ 3 Years of Year-End Profit & Statements
___ 3 Years of Year-End Balance Sheets
___ Interim (Year-to-date) Profit & Loss Statement (and Balance Sheet if available)
___ 3 Years of Tax Returns
___ List of all Assets with estimated current market value
___ Value of Inventory (inventory for resale)
___ Recast of Owner's Discretionary Cash Flow (total financial return to owner from ALL sources)
___ Copy of Building Lease
___ Market Value of Real Estate if included in offering


Necessary Forms & Docs

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