the Buying Process

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The process of buying a business makes the most sense if you follow a known blueprint. This format has been extremely successful when paired with the knowledge & experience that we bring to the table for you!

  1. Evaluate the basic information on alternative businesses that sound interesting to you
  2. Visit the business (if possible) without announcing yourself as a buyer (incognito) to get a “feel” for the business
  3. Meet with the Seller, asking from general to probing questions on anything and everything, except actual price negotiations
  4. Do your preliminary evaluation based on the information provided by the seller to LINK Business and to you
  5. Make an offer, assuming that all of the information you have been provided is correct, but include contingencies which will allow you to confirm such information.
  6. LINK Business will show you how to write an offer to protect you as the buyer.
  7. Once a sales price is agreed upon, make a closer investigation of the business, confirming to your satisfaction the validity of your offer
  8. Have documents prepared for the closing by an escrow agent.
  9. Close the purchase, and begin your first day as the owner of your own business. The seller will assist in an orderly transition because most of his money is coming from your success.


You are a part of the American Dream. You and your family now own your own business!


I have been selling businesses in the Great Los Angeles & Orange County areas for 12 years! Let me help you to do the same.

Call me personally.

Roger Civalleri


DISCLAIMER: The information herein was furnished by the Seller. Link Business has not verified this information and makes no representation for warranty as to its accuracy, completeness, or authenticity. Future Discretionary Earnings may differ from past Discretionary Earnings.

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