Buyer FAQ’s



How many businesses have you successfully brokered in the past year?

During the last five years I, have personally brokered the sale of nearly 100 companies (see list of successful transactions list ‘Sales Honor Role’). These companies range from small to $11 million in annual sales.Fifty business sales is a uniquely high number for an individual business broker. Our brokerage is the most successful office of the LINK BUSINESS franchises, the largest brokerage franchise in the world. Our brokerage firm (all brokers combined) brokered more than 1,000 company sales since its inception. What’s more, I acted as a dual agent in 75% of my personal transactions. I owe much of my success to the fact that I can find both quality listings and match them with qualified buyers that I have also attracted without being hindered by communication snafus between brokers. Being a dual agent allows me to act as a responsive intermediary to keep a transaction on a successful track to completion. My clients would confirm that this is one of the key services that I provided for them. top

What types of businesses have you successfully represented for sale?

I have personally represented a wide range of businesses including services, manufacturing (from aerospace to low-tech), and retail. Our firm has experience in very nearly every arena, having successfully brokered over 1,000 companies over a 14 year period. My specialty is in orchestrating a successful transaction by “micro” managing all aspects of the transaction so that it will lead to optimum income for the seller and satisfaction for the buyer (without a satisfied buyer, a sale will never consummate). top

What is your education and training background?

Professionally, I am a Certified Business Intermediary, Certified by the Internation al Business Brokers Association (IBBA). This is the highest certification a business broker can receive in the United States. The Certification is awarded only after fulfilling a series of demanding requirements including a minimum of 3 years of experience, many college level classes such as law, agency, valuation, etc., and after passing very grueling national examinations similar to other professional certifications. I received my Master’s Degree in Business from UCLA after receiving a Bachelors Degree in Economics (with a minor in psychology) from UC, Riverside. Business, and particularly entrepreneurial business, has been my focus since leaving corporate America to head up my own entrepreneurial ventures. I have since been the owner or president of eight companies. I personally initiated and consummated sales, purchases, and mergers in six of them. Hence, I have significant experience as both a business “buyer” and a business “seller”. This experience gives me a unique insight into the motivations and thoughts from the perspective of each party in the transaction. As a Certified Business Intermediary I have received professional training in all aspects of providing brokerage services, from business valuation, to business law, to the ethics of being a business

What references from satisfied buyers and sellers can you provide to me?

From my extensive track record of 80+ successful transactions, I have a long list of satisfied buyers and sellers. Take a look at my ‘Honor Roll’ which should give an excellent idea of my experience as a Business Broker. top

Are you a licensed real estate broker?

I am a real estate agent in good standing, licensed to practice in the State of California under the auspices of the Department of Real Estate. top

What are your fees for representing a buyer?

We charge no fees up front!!! Our fees are “success” fees only (commissions) that are payable at the close of escrow and are based on industry standards. I will be happy to discuss fees with you on a direct contact basis. Again, our fee is based on a successful transaction only, with no commission paid until the seller closes escrow or the escrow’s equivalent. top

What information do you need from me?

I have provided you with a .pdf of all of the documents that I need from you directly from this page. Please print them, fill them out, and fax back to me at (310)856-0240. Or scan them and email to me at top

DISCLAIMER: The information herein was furnished by the Seller. Link Business has not verified this information and makes no representation for warranty as to its accuracy, completeness, or authenticity. Future Discretionary Earnings may differ from past Discretionary Earnings.

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